In the Netherlands and Belgium, the wolf disappeared since the beginning of the nineteenth century. In 1886, the last wolves were shot in Belgium. In the Netherlands in 1897 was still seen one in Heeze.

wolfIn Italy and Spain, the wolf never disappeared. Poland, Germany and France have substantial populations. And certainly seen a wolf can travel 60 km per night, a return is possible. Nature Associations see this predator as a (partial) solution for excess deer and wild boar.
The TV program "Animals in Nests' could make images of a wolf in Gedinne (Ardennes) in September 2011.

The wolf (Canis lupus) is a predator, and the ancestor of the dog. Our husky looks like him.
The wolf lives in packs with a social structure. In pack relationship are preferably large ungulates hunted. Solitary hunters look for smaller game.
With its enormously powerful jaws he can break the leg of a moose by a bite. A wolf don’t chew, but tears the meat into pieces and swallows them.

Wolves measure 80 to 160 cm, with a tail of 30 to 50 cm. The shoulder height is 65 to 80 cm. Females are about ten percent smaller than males, weighing 20 to 80 kg.

The coat varies from nearly white to shades of blonde and ocher to gray, brown and black.
The long hair on the shoulders form a ridge in the upper part of the neck.
The hairs on the cheeks are long and form clumps.
Winter coat insulates very well. Wolves can rest comfortably in open areas at -40°C. (So they do not need sheep’s clothing.)
He has sharp senses: hearing, smell and sight, which is excellent even in the dark.
At an average throw of 4 animals the pack after two years may consist of 10 animals already.

People are rarely attacked unless they come near a nest with young, or very hungry wolves.

Presumably in the night of 3 to July 4, 2013 is the first wolf in 150 years on Dutch territory immediately killed near Luttelgeest in Flevoland. DNA testing have to demonstrate whether it is a true European wolf or is a cross between a dog and a wolf.
(But it probably would also be a (n import) joke.)

For the first time in 100 years (jan.,12, 2018) a wolf (emigrated from Germany) was spotted in Flanders. A tourist who can become an immigrant.

Howl with the wolves (in the forest) (Dutch saying): yell along with the rest of the company (without being agreed)

(Wolves can thus communicate kilometers far.)

Until now it was known that until the High Middle Ages (10th to 12th century) still bears appeared in the Benelux. There are reports of bear hunts in the Low Countries and there are bones of bear found in archaeological excavations in about 25 locations in the Netherlands and Flanders.

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.

(Benjamin Franklin)

Which animal is made of 80% wool ? A woolf.