(The hooded crow, Corvus cornix is a winter visitor in the Benelux, with light gray upper parts and abdomen.)
kraaiThe carrion crow (Corvus corone) is 44-51 cm long, with a wingspan of 84-100 cm and weighs about 550 grams. She has a rounded tail and is all black, even the beak. Crows live more solitary than rooks and jackdaws.
They are intelligent, using e.g. sticks as tools to reach larvae and food. Their memory and mutual communication are good. They recognize people, and are watchful and shy.

They breed in cultured landscapes in pairs (sometimes more). The 4-7 eggs are glossy blue-green with dark spots.

They are also true omnivores: insects, berries, seeds, invertebrates, carrion, garbage. They also plunder bird nests.

Prey remains:
Pellets are up to 20 mm x 45 mm, oval - round and contain hair, bones, seeds, insects, worm parts, wood and plastic, and stones.