boommarterThe pine marten (Martes martes) is a typical nocturnal animal from 36-58 cm. long, 15 cm high and 500 to 2200 grams. The tail is 17 to 28 centimeters long. They are shy and rare.

You find them in old forests with many cavities (woodpecker) or under trees where they jump from branch to branch with ease. Martens have in their home area several caves. They also use abandoned nests of squirrels or birds.

They mate in the summer and have a gestation period with germ dormancy of 8-10 months. The nut has a roll around April every year, usually with 3 young.

They eat insects, sleeping and young birds, eggs, small mammals (squirrel, mouse) and bait.
Tree martens have latrines in trees, with turds like the stone marten, often with purple shields of dung beetles.
The sharp nails make scratch tracks on beech.