vlaamsegaaiJay (Garrulus glandarius) is pigeon large: 32-35 cm with a wingspan of 52-58 cm. The wing coverts are on the curve characteristic and striking blue and black striped. He has beautiful brown pink wings, with white spots on black, black tail on a white rump and black stripes next to the beak. The spotted crested he can put up at irritation to a wild wig.
He is watchful and shy, and has a loud cry: a forest alarm for all animals. He imitates sounds, also other birds.

He lives in agricultural land and forests.
Against lice sometimes he takes a ants bath with spread wings on an anthill. The formic acid does not disturb him, but kills all the pests. Sometimes he rubs with his beak ants between his feathers. Once they have sprayed their acid he eats them.

They make their nest with branches and earth (clay) at 1.5 to 6 m height.
They breed in turn 4-6 green gray to brown eggs with brown speckles and hair thin lines.

These omnivores have an animal and vegetable diet of insects and invertebrates, acorns, nuts, seeds and fruits, small or young rodents, birds and eggs. His strong beak chops snail shells and nuts.
With up to 100 acorns on a day he puts on a winter stock, his favorite food. So he spreads and also plants oaks.

Prey remains:
Pellets are 10-20 mm x 35 mm, oval, cylindrical.
Eggshells are cut open at the side and eaten.

What you can do:
Move hive or adapt so that eggs not are seen from the outside.
Keep little chicks screened in a run.