Raptors have claws with sharp nails, with three toes forward and one backward toe and a large hooked beak.
jachtvogels681x206Raptors hunt during the day. Raptors are therefore also called day raptors if one also counts the owls in the same class as birds of prey. In that case, the group owls are night prey birds. Owls form their own order, strigiformes and they are not related, nor to the falconiformes (falcons and caracara’s) or accipitriformes (other raptors). Owls have moreover claws, but with two toes forward and two backward and the crooked beak is shorter than (day) birds of prey. Furthermore, owls are fully adapted to hunt in the dark, although there are species that hunt during the day.

Some concepts that regularly come back:
A pellet consists of undigested remains of animals: hair, bones, nails, bug shields. The caster has two stomachs, one that digests food and one that holds the indigestible parts together and kneads them into a ball. The most known animals to make pellets are owls.

Plucking post: place where raptors are picking off or biting away feathers of the prey. If the points of the feathers are still attached, the perpetrator is a bird of prey and if the feathers are bitten it was a mammal.

Horst: large nest of a bird of prey, nesting of branches in a tree or on a rock.

The owl, with its 2 eyes right at the front, has no side view, but turns its head 3/4 turn!

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