Keeping livestock is useful. You get good meat, milk, leather, wool and manure, and the animals eat things that we cannot digest ourselves. In return you must provide good drinking water, food and winter food, space, storage and care. Pay attention to worms and others parasites and infectious diseases.

veeWell-intentioned government regulitis with mandatory vaccinations, notifiable, registration, ear tags, (drug & care) register, manure bank, environmental regulations, permit to slaughter, slaughterhouse,.. have made ​​me quit. Meddling and administration also have limits.
To combat epidemics it is of course useful. But maybe big scale concentrations projects, and antibiotics neither fit in a healthy and preventive policy. So, you ask well before you start.
Use as many authentic local old varieties instead of uniform commercial breedings. Those are usually stronger and more resistant than generations in one direction (with some features) selected animals or plants.

Animals have two vital function in society: to be delicious and fit well. (Grey Proops)

With the death of my husband the last of my cattle is disappeared from the yard.