It is sometimes said about Chinese that they eat everything with legs.
Except tables.

Hedgehog, mole and water vole are described in <Agriculture and Horticulture>,
Ducks and swans, geese (and goose) are (also) at <Livestock farming>.
There are also many examples and tips under <Hunting>.

wildWe have set ourselves at the top of the food pyramid by our ingenuity and resourcefulness, we eat all other forms of life. But in a natural habitat we only are poor hunters.

To outwit animals you have to know where to find them. It makes no sense to lure them with things they do not eat in places where they do not come. Just ask anglers, who know exactly where they can catch whatever fish, what bait at what time, taking into account wind, weather and twilight. Though it is sometimes fish-tale.

The better you know them, the easier you find them.
Learn as much as possible about their habitat, habits, nesting, reproduction period, food (bait), tracks, droppings, sounds, flight and flight patterns, shape, etc.

Venture out with a camera. Before you consider to look for meat on the table first ensure that species are not protected or on the red list, check how it is with weapons and hunting license, plots, lease, hunting period and times, gradient quotas etc.

Check for your own country all laws, list, do’s and don’ts.