Insects and animals that hinder us, especially because they live off the crops we grow for ourselves, we call, sure when they are too much and messing around: pests.
One caterpillar is not a pest. But a plague of caterpillars...
Mice, fleas,...

pestcontrolThroughout the centuries, we have sought ways to keep these animals away or eradicate them. Not always with equal success.
I know that there are still people who moles dislodge from their garden by praying.
And they still swear that it works.

I try to restrict to less esoteric and more tangible means.

Also pests are trying to survive.
There come more, and more often and more forms that are resistant to current antibiotics and poisons.
We restrict ourselves to natural substances and techniques.

It makes all the difference if you hear a bug in your bedroom or in your garden. (Robert Lynd)