reeThe roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) is a small, common deer species with a shoulder height of 63 to 67 centimeters. The male (buck) is a little larger than the female and has a simple antlers, consisting of up to three points.

The deer is "munchkin" blackberries, shoots, berries, twigs, buds and shoots of shrubs and trees, herbs, grasses, leaves, nuts, mushrooms, cereals etc.

Onions, lavender or rosemary between the plants they would not appreciate. Also (nylon) stockings with ​​peoples hair seem to keep roe at bay.
Roe (buck) is nice on a menu. But it is a protected species.

everzwijnen2The same applies to the wild boar (Sus scrofa). Maybe a really solid fence helps. I think they only fear Obelix. Watch out for sows with cubs. If they think that the piglets are threatened they can be dangerous.