haasHare (Lepus europaeus) makes in the garden less damage than rabbits because they do not live in groups and not dig burrows. A rabbit remains near its burrow, a hare is a drifter who travels further. If you catch or shoot them, first press the bladder empty (from chest to anus) before you put him in your bag.
Hares can peel the bark of (young) trees in winter.
A hare is much larger and has long, wide ears with black tips. With his long legs, he can sit up. If a rabbit runs away (up to 55 km / h) you can see the white underside of the tail whip. With hares (up to 75 km / h) is the top of the tail dark. He keeps his tail down while running. Hares do not live in caves, but in nests, resting places or cavities on the ground with vegetation as windbreaks.

How catches a Dutchman a hare? He sits behind a bush and flute as a carrot. (JW Besouw)
"Where to, sir Lanes? ' Hare hunting.” "Where are you going to hunt them to?" (Theo Bergsma)