In a book about The Provence I once read about a poacher who liked fox (Vulpes vulpes). Marinated the eccentric found them a delicacy.
I suppose it makes sense. I have often heard that cat was served as a rabbit during the war. And if the head was not there, no one noticed the difference. An old "Larousse Gastronomique" explains the difference on your plate like this: cat have in front and hind legs 2 parallel bones, when there is only one in rabbit.
vosItalian TV cook Beppe Bigazzi claimed in 2010 that you need to steam cats 3 days first. The 76- year-old star of "La Prova Del Cuocco' program was suspended by the station on the spot. (Maybe three days really was too long?)

A 50 - year-old Italian had a preference for black cats of three years old. He admitted that he had slain fifteen animals and eaten with his friends. (articles Gazette January 2014 )

And among others in China and Vietnam dog is eaten. So why not a fox?
Only with a dense and high fence you keep them away. Or with a dog.

Peru is divided about the festival of the cat (as dish)

La Quebrada, Peru takes place every year in September, the "Gastronomic Festival of the Cat', which commemorated that the first slaves - it is said, could only survive by eating cat meat. In the farming community south of Lima during the festival there is music, dancing in the street and are stalls where cat is served everywhere.
Dozens of cats are bred specifically for the festival and processed in various Peruvian recipes. There is cat stew and grilled cat with local herbs. Crowds of curious festival visitors are curious about the taste of cat meat that really seems to resemble on rabbit. Here it is believed that cat meat is an aphrodisiac.
Most Peruvians, however, see cats as pets, not as food. This year, at the festival is also protested by animal rights activists.

(BBC, Lima > Informed circles > Strange but true, 1/10/2012)