Equus africanus asinus is an equine animal with long ears, a plume on the tail, and great stamina which is used as a beast of burden, a draft animal for coaches and as a mount.

“Why are you on the ass and has your women to walk behind with the luggage?”"Because she has no ass."
“Dad, which of those two donkeys is the father?”“That's easy. 'The biggest donkey is always the father."

ezelsDonkeys (and draft dogs) are smaller, easier to handle better withstand extreme conditions, and cheaper to feed (eat less and less fussy) than horses. They also need like horses hoof care.

Their reputation for being quirky is based on their intelligence and prudence. They are hard to poke to take risks.
A cross between donkey stallion and mare horse is called a mule. Between female donkey and horse stallion is called a hinny. All male offspring of these crosses are infertile. A castrated male donkey is called a gelding or a John donkey. A gelded mule is a "John mule." Every family has one.


"Every ass loves to hear himself bray.”(Thomas Fuller)
“Measure your ears before calling someone else a donkey.”(Han Van Hageland)