wezelThe (least) weasel (Mustela nivalis) is the smallest predatory mammal in the world. A female weighs only 35 grams, less than a field mouse. Males are larger, 166 to 314 millimeters long, with a tail length of 6 to 12.5 centimeters and a weight of 54 to 73 grams.
They have a reddish to chestnut brown back and a white throat and belly. With us the weasel does not get a white winter coat as in the north.
Weasels in the wild become up to three years and in prison even 50 years old.

The weasel feeds for 86% of mice that they can pursue deep into their hole. It may, by an opening (also nesting boxes!) of 28 mm. They also eat larger mammals such as rabbits and water voles, birds, eggs, reptiles, frogs and insects. They eat each day about a third of their body weight, so 1 or 2 mice per day, otherwise they die of hunger. Sometimes the weasel temporarily keep its prey in a cavity.
The animals are with irregular periods of rest both night and day active. Weasels are often on their hind legs to explore the area. He ‘looks’ especially with his nose.
Weasels are solitary in their territory of 1 to 25 ha. They can survive anywhere if adequate shelter and prey is found.

In April and May is the first throw. With sufficient food will follow in July and August, a second with 4 to 6 young.
The main enemies are owls and hawks.

At Troy and Crete were weasels welcome. They kept like cats the population of field mice and rats under control.

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