raafRaven (Corvus corax) is our largest songbird. He scratches and can imitate sounds, also the human voice.
The head - tail length is 54-67 cm, span 1.20 m and weight 0.69 to 1.63 kg. He may be 44 years. He is all black, also the heavy, slightly curved beak. (A white is extremely rare, but can occur.)
One obvious difference with crows is the size, the sound and the wedge-shaped tail. (Crows have a straight tail). The raven is rare, intelligent and very shy.

Ravens live in pairs and breed only in vast forests, where they have the same nest in a tall tree (or rock) and expand it each year.
He is omnivorous, with a preference for carrion (dead animals), insects and rodents.
Prey remains:
Pellets measuring up to 25 mm x 65 mm, are very irregular in shape and usually include: seeds, pips, hair, bones and beetle shields.

Ravens are not known as chicken thiefs.