A simple design, but one that requires a lot of work, is the trapping pit. Especially since they have to be big and deep for larger prey and the ground needs to be brought out of sight. Make them very steep, or rather beneath broader. A smaller can also be equipped with a string, so that a leg there lingers. Spearheads in the soil can be deadly efficient. If you can not cover the hole you can also lay bait, and create an edge that breaks down (when the bait is taken or in reach).

Remember: who digs a pit for another..
Whoever digs a pit for another is a showoff. (Jos Vandeloo)

valkuilA steep, shallow pit with seeds in it and around it, and bars or spoke about it, you catch pheasants. They crawl in there. In order to fly, they have to spread their wings, and they cannot get away by the bars.

A skeps (shaped) trap is a construction with boulders, stones or wood, top opening, bait inside. It is actually a trap(ping pit) above the ground, in places where cannot be dug.

“Pheasant please, but not totally shot out!”“Currently we have no who have laughed dead!”

(Theo Bergsma)