Living flesh remains the longest fresh. For a live catch you have to make a cage (trap). You can rely on the trap for fish. Provide the input of a swinging door that only opens in one direction.
You can also take a walk through trap, where the bait is attached to the trigger that blocks the door(s). When released, the doors are closed. Providing a pawl prevents sliding open. This works not only for robbers. Also, rabbits, ducks... let them outwit thus.

houtenkooiProviding proper shelter you can also operate traps by hand. A basket with a stick under, a long rope to it, some grains... and you have a good bird trap.
In Ageröd 5 (Sweden) was found a wicker cage from 7,500-4,500 BC. For the braid were also cherry wood, alder and roots of conifers used.

Watch out if you take an animal, even wounded and exhausted, from a trap. If you want to kill a living animal trapped in a cage you should assume that until the last moment it will try everything to escape. Even smaller animals such as birds and rabbits. Do not assume that you can grab them with one hand and hold it. Try rather to capture it in (or at the open door) a (scoop) net or sturdy bag. And leave them only if they are stunned. (A (stun) bold gun, or captive bold pistol is useful!) Otherwise, there is a decent chance your prey still escapes, or slips literally through your fingers.

A wounded animal you keep chasing until you get hold of.

Hawk trap

In a cage of mesh is a dove put (with food and drink), shielded with gauze. The lid is open as trap door. Central is a rod with side rods that close the lid via a lever. An upcoming raptor will hit one of the poles, cover folds closed, bottom flips open. The dove flies home, so you're warned that the trap worked.

To catch wolves an ingenious ring trap was used. 2 meter high ring of poles was made containing a lamb as bait in the centre. Around this a 2nd ring, so close that there can come a wolf between, but cannot turn around. With ace (guts), a track on the ground was dragged to a door in the outer ring. Which is inward open. The wolf follows the ring, looking for his prey, and he himself will thereby push the door closed (and locked) after the first round.

Wolf Angels are (except a heraldic symbol and a rune symbol) from every point of view a medieval invention. They consisted of a sort of harpoon or spear barbed hook on which meat was pinned. A biting greedy wolf is impaling his own palate hooked on. Comparable to angling. More complex models consisted of four hooks in a piece of meat, which, as it was harder drawn opened further apart. Another variant had four big hooks with a chunk of meat in the middle. The much harder you pull on the flesh, much more sure the jaws are closed around the head of the animal.

In the arsenal of traps also belong the mole traps that work without bait.

The memories that you want later, you have to make now.