stropSnares are anchored cable or wire nooses.
Use wire of 0.5 mm thick, which can be given easy form. The loop is slightly larger than the head or leg that you want to catch, and is fixedly put on the appropriate height.
Small resilient trees can make a trap much more efficient. Knock a pen with a recess (or thickening) firmly into the ground. Bend a branch or tree down and hang to it on a rope a similar pen. Hook the two notches on each other, so that the tension is maintained. Attach the strap to the upper pin. By walking in the noose the prey will pull the pin loose, and is been pulled up. (You can also use heavy stones hanging on a rope over a branch to create tension.)

Making a noose is easy. But it is an art to catch something: you have to know the animal, the bills, the habits, the reactions...

There are countless variations in with arrows, spears, stones or logs beating down. The bait is then usually attached to the trigger.
A bow trap is difficult to construct, and dangerous because of the bow that’s just a few hours effective.
Consider whether the hassle is worth the effort.

You never know what you can,

until you've tried it.