frettenjachtIf a poacher discovers a rabbit burrow, then he closed the flight exits with a net and then sents the ferret into the cave. Who drove the frightened rabbit to the exits where they entangle in nets or pouches and were seized by the poacher. Yet had this way of poaching disadvantages because if the ferret bite a rabbit dead, the animal continued to spend hours feasting on the blood (and sleeping) in the burrow. Which increases the risk of discovery by the forester.

When a ferret gets hold of a rabbit, he bites it dead and sucks it empty. Then the ferret sleeps well, so you have to dig the whole cave to get ferret and rabbit. Therefore, you better put the ferret a muzzle on. And a bell: helps to find him.

A jill (female ferret ) is more typically used in a hunt than a hob (male ferret).

Rabbiting (: hunting of rabbits) involving dogs (usually beagle or basset hounds) is called beagling.
Also fast dogs were used by poachers to catch rabbits. Because we humans are so slow, we also focus on birds of prey to hunt for us.