I am against the capture and killing of animals. But to survive, I find it acceptable.
Traps and poaching techniques are illegal and dangerous. For carrying weapons, you must have a license. To hunt or fish as well.

10,000 years ago, 100% of the people lived from hunting and gathering, 500 years ago it was estimated that only 1% did, and in 1965 less than 0.01%.

People are naturally not hunters. We are too slow, and have no claws or no good nose. But we are survivors. We learned to grasp valuable proteins.

VuursteenPijlpuntenAnimals have excellent ears, eyes and nose. It is therefore difficult to approach them unnoticed. Our first hunting implements were a club and a stone. Later, a spear.
Hunting became more efficient and reduced the risk when we went to throw those primitive weapons from a distance to a prey.
That throwing was further enhanced by tools. Thrown weapons (arrow, spear, stone, throw wood, or boomerang) should be as smooth, even and symmetrical as possible to reduce aerodynamic drag and yaw. To literally be goal aptly each weapon requires a lot of practice. Use a soft target to practice to avoid damage to your weapon.

Dusk is the best time to hunt. Animals then go from drinking and feeding places to their hide. While they eat, they are less observant, and they stand or sit still. The ideal moment to strike.
Approach an animal against the wind so your scent and sound is carried away by the wind.
Use camouflage, stay low and make no sound. Pay particular attention to dry twigs, which can treacherous crack. A meter per minute is a good creep speed. If the prey notices anything, stay very still for a few minutes. Always move slowly. Sudden and rapid movements make each animal startle.

A tracker watches odor, urine, saliva, blood, feces, vomit balls, hair or feathers, food, sounds, trails, nests, shelters, bruised blades. All these data can give an indication of size, number, weight, sex, speed, time of passage of the prey.

Nowadays there are also apps that help you identify animal tracks.

Hunters and farmers look for wildlife through tracks and trails, and try to chase and outwit. The nobility lets chase and encirclement the wild by drivers and dogs so they could -often seated high on horseback - finish it in ranges.

Most people and animals are right-handed (- legged). With the right you can launch harder, so you naturally deviate a little to the left. According to Prof. Matsumoto also the brain plays a role. We would have left a better spatial vision, and are therefore easier and faster running counterclockwise (left inside). We now do for (almost) all sports tracks.
Research by Hideaki Fukami showed that 80% of all animals fleeing flees to the left.

Because agriculture had been taken up almost all forests there were even with the Romans rich 'nobles' keeping wild for hunting in a walled vivarium. Hunting here is not a question of survival, but a hobby and entertainment. The wild animals of the circus games were sought after, almost sacred, and certainly exclusive as meat for sacrifices and banquets. On the table they preferred animals that were bitten and killed by other animals.

An injured or trapped animal is unstable, strong and very dangerous.

VuursteenKlingenAn old gamekeeper told that at aristocratic hunting parties in the last century hundreds of pieces of wild were shot, which obviously could not be eaten. To keep it for a short time it was buried. Dark, cool, screened for insects and rodents. Thus it became noble, to be able to get a strong flavor. For birds was told that they were still edible, as long as the head was not felled off. Then they were crap.
Protein in death muscle tissue is broken down by enzymes and bacteria. In pork they are toxic. In red meat (and some types of fish) they are not. They make the meat tender and enhance the flavor. There is no legal criterion or distinction between mature and noble meat, spoiled or rotten. Up to two weeks maturation was not a problem.

In the Philippines, the yo-yo that we know as a toy was a weapon.


Hunters accidentally hit a farmer.”Sad start for the hunt!”“I think it is a good sign that his name is Fox! (Myriam Thys)
Hunting would be a fine sport as wildlife as well could have rifles. (William S. Gilbert)
If a man kills a tiger that is sport. If tiger kills a man that’s bloodlust. (Paraphrasing George Bernard Shaw