The boomerang is mainly known as a traditional Australian throwing stick that by his bent, peg-like shape returns when  thrown (good).
He was probably used more to impress others than to hunt. As always, if we don’t know the use of old objects, by researchers they often are mentioned as 'ceremonial'. Some believe that with a boomerang birds could also be thrown in their flight out of the air. Some believe that the boomerang served to hunt swear birds in the direction of strained nets. Larger animals were certainly not hunted with it.

boemerang1On excavations on the site of Tata Steel (formerly ‘Hoogovens' Rooswijk (Velsen 1962 to 1964)) the oldest boomerang in the Netherlands was found. The oak subject is dated around 470 BC. And also in Vlaardingen a boomerang was unearthed. There may lie in archaeological deposits more boomerangs that are never recognized as such and received a label as "unidentified - maple" or so.

In 1987 was found a 20,000-year-old boomerang in Poland, made from a mammoth tusk. This heavy ivory boomerang probably was a real hunting boomerang, he will not return to the pitcher but goes straight for his goal. Wingspan: 71 cm, range: up to 66 meters.

Later, more recreational derivatives are boomerangs with more prongs: 3, or 4. The flight by the spinning seems more like a full disk. With a curved edge to it, it is a Frisbee. Dangerous-looking show weapons in this style are ninja stars, steel discs or rings and even circular saw blades. By aerodynamic effects they only have an acceptable accuracy at short distances (and rather thrown horizontally than vertically). In practice, an arrow and spear is much simpler, more effective and more efficient.

A hunting boomerang or throwing stick is a (usually less curved) boomerang that does not return. Often it has a weighted or pointed end in order to make the weapon more effective. Throw sticks are heavier and less aerodynamic wing-shaped as a boomerang, but more suitable for hunting small game.
 As with all hand weaponry a good result when handling needs a lot of exercise.

Last month I threw a boomerang. I'm living now in constant fear.