A bobber (float) keeps the bait at depth, indicates the position of the hook (approximately), and is a catch indicator (if he dives or swims away).
A level bob is so heavy that your float sinks if you put it on the hook. You use it to gauge the depth.
vishakenA rod or pole will help you get the line further into the water, to feel bite and get a catch. A long, heavy rod is tiring.
Nothing as easy and efficient as a metal hook, preferably with eye or thickening to tie the line, and a small barb to hold bait and fish. Our ancestors only had from bone carved hooks, especially hollow bones of water birds are suitable: very hard and sharply splitting.  Or a twig with a thorn or spine. You can have multiple hooks hanging on a line. And check from time to time, or after a night, the line.

In Australia, C- or J-shaped fish hooks were sanded from Turban shell Turbo torquata. The pearl sheen of the shell would have served as bait.

In the 3rd century, the Chinese were already using a reel to wind and unroll the long line of their fishing pole.

A landing net, you need to spoon bigger fish out of water.
In a keep net or basket you can lock up catch at the bank under water and keep it fresh (and alife).

Bait: every fan has his own (secret) recipes for different fish species. Bread, maggots, worms and dough are always useful.
To keep the bait underwater hang weights (bobs, can also be stones) above the hook (under the float).
In winter, heart rate, movement and diet (of fish (and fishermen?))reduce very strong. Many fish stay then at a sheltered place to hibernate. They are not interested in bait. Only on a sunny day maybe? In the summer they often visit cooler (= deeper) and shady spots.

If a fish has taken the bait you should not immediately pick up the rod. He may have only just tasted. Picking too fast, is often wrong. Wait a few seconds, remains the bobber move, then get him up.
Do not remove the fish off the hook nearby the water. He may be back in faster than you took him out. So go a little further from the shore.

Good tips
Just go fishing where are the fish!
Tip to throw a fishing line: stay or hold one ending...

"What are you going to do?”' Fishing ' Have worms?”Yeah, but I'm going!”(JW Besouw)
Converted cannibals eat on Friday only fishermen.