spullendelenA book you read once or a few times. You can borrow it instead of buying. Libraries are known and established. Also hiring or renting CDs, and video stores. And here and there a toy library.
Things you only use occasionally, you may better rent or borrow than buy.

A lot sites spread sharing information.
Meaningful initiatives if you know that a drill is used 12 to 13 minutes per year. While we actually do not need a drill but a hole.
A car costs a small fortune every year, and is not used 23u/day! (see <Transport>)

There are websites and apps for anything and everything to share:
stuff, cloths, garden,…

These are especially useful if they work locally. No one is driving 30 miles to borrow pliers or a drill.

On the market for car sharing platformTapazz allows that individuals rent their own car to others.Through a special policy, the car is always assured.