Improve the world? Often it seems hopeless to do anything on your own. Inspiring examples and heartwarming stories and one-man operations show that it certainly is possible. And with a little creativity and an original approach, this can also inspire others through (social) media.

careforeachotherJose Mujica, President of Uruguay. Ninety percent of his income he gives way and he lives an austere life in a small farm, rather than in a presidential palace.

Tony 'the Fridge' Phoenix - Morrison ran as a 49 - year-old with a 42 -kilogram refrigerator on his back the London Marathon. 2x succesively. So he gathered (again) more than 12,000 euros for charity.

Michel Bauwens is a Belgian cyber philosopher and founder of the Foundation for Peer-to - Peer Alternatives, a non-profit global network of scientists and activists.

Josie posts YouTube videos that promote (voluntyrisme and) the Non-Aggression Principle: give each one complete freedom and lure any aggression.

Tony Posnanski wrote a letter to ''The wife and child of table 9”. Two men were disturbed by the cries of the autistic girl, and asked the restaurant manager to intervene.
He tried not to offend and to be a kind of a good father. Paid their dinner and kept silent about the two men. It took him a lot of virtue.

Owner Michael Beyer (Montgomery) sells his restaurant after 17 years to help financial one of his workers, the 19 -year-old Brittany Mathis, at who a brain tumor has been detected. Else he couldn’t not work any longer in his restaurant with pleasure.

(In relation to the security of the site, most links are not active, you can google them, if they are https they will be activated again later.)

Lee Ballantyne paid at a restaurant near Toronto the diner of another couple because their union reminded him to his deceased wife.

Shanell Mouland thanks an unknown businessman on chair 16C, flight 1850 to Philadelphia because he kept her 3 -year-old autistic daughter most of the flight quiet and busy.

The Amsterdam sex worker Tika makes her clients - disabled super happy.

The Brazilian cur Lilica lives in San Carlos (São Paulo), together with other unfortunate chickens, cats and even a mule at a junkyard. He makes every day an evening a walk of up to ten miles to a get plastic bag from animal lover Lucia full of food to take back to his hungry friends.

Banksy is a world famous anonymous British graffiti artist. His artful murals are often political, committed and humorous. The message is usually pacifist, anti-capitalist, anti-establishment and about freedom.

The purpose of life is to live a life with purpose.

Albert Manero, a student at the University of Central Florida has made a smart and very cheap arm for Alex ​​with a 3-D printer. Instead of 29,837 euro it costs 261 euro and Alex can continue to use it. An adjusted prosthesis costs 15 euros for a bigger hand, a longer forearm: 37 euros. The plans he puts on the internet. "I'm sure the international community can improve this technology and can make it cheaper."

Tim Harris was born with the Dow syndrome. He has his own, very friendly restaurant in Albuquerque where you besides food can get a smile and a hug.

Narayanan Krishnan provides daily food, care and hugs to those who need it raises (in Madurai, India).
A companion to the forgotten

Vera Scroggins is a 'subversive' grandmother of 63, who continues to work against the exploitation of shale gas (US).

One couple planted in Yin Yuzhen (Mongolia) 600 000 trees in 28 years to change desert into forest. Wind and sand destroyed the seedlings more than once. But by continuing to plant and water them they overcame the desert.

Very common:
If Marlene clears snow, she does also for the house of two old neighboring women.
‘Taint’ is daily (several times) with her single father along, so that he hasn’t to go to a nursing home(yet). And receives a visit.
An older man let me pass to the pharmacy. He said he felt fine to do someone a favor.
Lutgart comes every other day to her mother and mother- in law.
Agnes does a fundraising for an orphanage. Even whit companies.
Elsa jumps at the neighbors for a chat. Feels good.
An works as a volunteer in health care, and shares a piece of pumpkin with the neighbor.
I'm going to donate blood next time again.
A nature guide tells people fascinating things about their own environment.
Jo organizes a rice meal with exhibition and poverty info.

In previous items of this series you will find: Patsy Van Der Parre allows Give Closet, Toon Eerdekens collects waste from the roadside, Heidemarie Schwermer lives without money, Steven Vromman lives as low impact man...
The TV program (Dutch) gave a weekly award to Good Samaritans who are active for others.

And that altruism is exactly the core of all previous examples. This neighbor love is promoted by several religions. Sometimes, unfortunately, shamefully contradictorily not practiced to other religions.

Research shows that a good deed jacks your happiness.
One good deed a week would suffice. (For (much) more, the effect on a good deed lowers.)

In "Pay it forward" the 11 -year-old Trevor considers for his social studies a chain system where he does something good for three people. They should do so also in turn and continue... On the way to an ideal world ? (film 2000, Mimi Leder)

Improve the world, begin yourself. You do not have to work at your own (alone). You can inspire and work together to achieve more.
Choose one specific project in which you feel good. Address to people 1 on 1. Work in your own environment.
An action you can expand on (lectures at) schools, clubs, festivals,... Start with the neighborhood and the people involved. Social networks. There are also people without www. Do not forget them. An action that expands is never more something of yourself. You should be able to let it go.

Did you ever made the multi-billionaire exercise​​? You have more money than any other earthlings together. Enjoy it. You have houses, cars, islands... Visit all the beaches, casinos and whatever you want. 5 years. Until you 're tired. Go to work, or to worry you'll never need to.
Where would you like to still work on the remaining time of your life?
What fascinates you really ? What’s really important to you? Fine ?
(And go back with two feet on the ground: what can you still make happen even with (almost) no money?)
(Your own nature spot, a playground, the house sparrow action, composting, an orphanage...)
Often contain 'To do before you die ' lists ultimate wishes. You really should not procrastinate.

Inspiring people focus on what is possible. Opportunities. They take deliberate action in the right direction.
They step outside their safe comfort zone. They persevere where others give up.
They invest in their (personal) development. They are curious, and sharing (among others: knowledge). The beauty of knowledge is that you will not be poorer if you give it away. In fact, you will be richer. Inspiring people question both themselves and others, as authorities.
They appreciate more experiences, happiness and people, than money, being right, or material possessions.
Inspiring people take life not too seriously. They can see perspective and laugh at themselves and their lives. They let go what they not need (any longer).

You just can inspire others with your passion when you do things that you find fun, important or good. Be an example. Keep your promises. Always stay positive.

Share your passion with as many people as possible. Start a blog, keep a lecture or organize an event.

Every few years, the Bhutanese Government asks the people. So she measures the (gross) national happiness. One measures the satisfaction on the basis of nine subjects 'feeling good' safety, health, education, culture, nature, feeling that the government provides for everyone and basic things like food, housing and clothing. Bhutan Gross National Happiness on You Tube

What people want is not usually what politicians (and capital companies) display: economic growth and jobs (and money). Rather: happiness, social contacts, meaningful activity, enjoy whatever comes up, people to love, friendship.
People do not know what they want? Keep asking questions.

In October 2013, the free newspaper Metro placed a white box on the front page, in which train passengers could anonymously write down a positive message.

A fun ball pool brings strangers quickly closer together.

A from entangling cut free whale seems to show his gratitude.

In 1979, the then 16 -year-old Indian Jadav Payeng began to plant bamboo and shrubs and later trees, also in order to save snakes from dehydration. Eventually it became a living forest of 550 hectares.

Yacouba Sawadogo, a farmer in the Sahel (Burkina Faso) used traditional farming techniques in the region (cordons pierreux and Zaï holes) to combat soil erosion, dryness and desertification.

Each year the Dommisse family goes with two trucks relief to Romania.
Gerard Hulsegge (57) from Almelo organizes health holidays for school children from Belarus.
Driver Humphrey Ngala Mwagandi (40) started a foundation to give schoolchildren in Kenya a push in the back.

The 22 -year-old Gemma Beard works in a shop, and finds it great to give in the evening and weekend, dressed as a Disney Princess, sick kids a good day.

Indian Mani Manithan runs a telecom shop. Since 1989 he walks backwards to work for world peace. This generates often attention in the media.

The in 2007 9 year old Felix Finkbeiner started a tree planting action. Plant for the Planet planted in 2011 its millionth tree. It has become a global environmental action.

The 70-year-old Imelda Schramm from Berlin (2016) takes to the street for thirty years with a spray, nail polish remover and a scraper. She removes racist graffiti, stickers and flyers.

Arnoud Raskin designed and promotes a pull- school for street children (see <Education alternative>).

On January 17, 2013, the Dresden Prize was awarded to former Russian military Stanislav Petrov. He ignored a warning in 1983 for the launch of American missiles. That later proved to be a false alarm. By his decision Petrov knew possible prevented a nuclear war.

'Muffinman' Steven Geynst ‘stole’ food from a dumpster at a supermarket. His trial was the impetus for an extensive public debate about food waste.

A customer pays secretly the restaurant bill from another stranger who just got bad news by phone.
Sarah, who is tight itself, treating two National Guards because she is grateful for their efforts.

One problem can help to solve an other.

Gregory Kloehn Oakland highlights 2 problems: out of garbage he makes original tiny houses for homeless.

Tristram Stuart (1977, London) wrote about the global food waste scandal and started the "Feeding the 5000" campaign in which 5,000 people were served free food from cast off vegetables and other food that otherwise would have been wasted. It’s copied in many countries.

The neighborhood bar is an initiative of volunteers with a caravan and coffee to boost social contact in neighborhoods.

Steven Geynst, the 'Muffinman' staged a 'theft' of two bags failed muffins from a dumpster at Carrefour. The beginning of many actions against food waste in several countries. And now, even though a ban on supermarkets to destroy usable food.

From horror to the climate issue Alexia Leysen - no vegetarian- called in 2011 for the first time to fast together vegetarian. Meanwhile (40) Day Without Meat became a citizens' initiative with in 2016 already 90 234 participants in Flanders.
Bas van der Abel wants to produce as fair as possible a mobile phone with FairPhone. The first 25,000 have been sold. In 2016 FairPhone 2 was even a bit more ‘fair’.
Carl Herman Unthan (1848-1929) was born without arms. At sixteen he graduated from the conservatory. He was a celebrated foot violinist who inspired many.

Mariusz Kedzierski (1992) was born without arms. He travels through Europe and draws realistic portraits.

Architect Thomas Rare incorporated magnificent sustainable procurement and circular economy projects that push vendors to adjust their products and procedures into  responsible ways.

Liselotte Roosen does dumpster diving to get her PHD in Norway.

The 26-year-old hairdresser Nasir "Nas" Sobhani, "The Streets Barber” (Footscray, Melbourne) cuts on his only day off in the week te homeless. Nas calls it the "Clean Cut Clean Start".

Maddy (8 years) died two weeks after her cancer diagnosis. FBpage ”Maddy's Mighty Minions"asks people to do something for others, and to share photos and stories of charity as consolation for Maddy's family.

Worldwide thousands of people leave anonymous packages in public places. Just like that. Susanne Crombach (53) from the Limburg Lanaken attempts this to send a positive signal to the world.

The in 2015 sixty years old Ashrita Furman from Queens in New York has with 551 the most records in the Guinness Book of records.

In 2003 Christian Gelleri started a regional, local currency, the Chiemgauer. Very inspiring.
 Buurderij of 'farmers and neighbors’. A group of neighbors are buying directly from local farmers. An expanding network that brings people together.

And 99 others

Support good initiatives. Give pats. Buy something. Be present.
Many opportunities for volunteering you can find over the internet.

Or give this inspiring link to your social contacts, email addresses...
Probably also inspire you as a person.

If you are searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror.