In ancient China, a physician was paid as long as a client remained healthy.
Prevention: live healthy to stay healthy.
Without medication flu cures in 14 days. With, it last 2 weeks.

Often placebos are at least as effective.

HealthalternativeAnd if it goes wrong, there are quite a few alternatives. Those are probably less harmful than what pharma wants to sell us. From remedies of grandma to herbal medicine.

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Homeopathy works (?) with highly diluted substances.

Would sometimes bring relief and relaxation: sauna, steam room or sweat lodge.
Perfect to combine with one of the several types of massage.

Gong therapy or, or a range of other possibilities:

Whether you are looking for exercise and back problems at osteopathic therapy?
Manual therapy is also called manipulative therapy

“It is not a sign of health, to be adapted to a fully sick society." Yiddu Krishnamurti