OnderwijsalternatiefIn Belgium there is obligatory education, but no school attendance compulsory. Home education also is allowed. Or any form of education. You are not obliged to educate your child within the large existing school structures (government, church…)

Alternative Schools and pedagogies rely on educational ideas (Dartmoor, Freinet, Steiner, Montessori) or work with Experiential Education.

Barefoot College is a non - governmental organization founded by Bunker Roy (India) in 1972, with worldwide basic services and self -sufficient and sustainable solutions for problems in the countryside. This could involve solar energy, water, education, health, rural crafts, communication, empowerment and advancement of women.

The college is locally active with practical and experiential training for teachers, doctors, midwives, dentists, health workers, solar engineers, solar cooker engineers, water drillers, hand pump mechanics, architects, artists, designers, masons, water testers, phone operators, blacksmiths, carpenters, computer instructors, accountants etc. www.barefootcollege.org/

Development Helper Arnoud Raskin (Bilzen (be) 1973), designed in 2000, a compact mobile school, a 'trolley ' with telescopic plates and other educational resources. There are already 26 + schools across all continents. The street worker goes with the school to street children in their own environment.

Training people is expensive, not educating people costs capitals.
For each person who wants to be in education, there are 30 others who do not want to learn.