verpakkingsvrijewinkelConscious consumers read what it says on the packaging, and eat organic and veggie. Aware also: local and seasonal. Most cities have their shops for this, or a stall in the market. And beyond there are bio gardens and fields that have a sales-, retail -or distribution system.

Several self harvest gardens offer the opportunity to come harvest (certain crops) yourself for a fixed fee.

Find information on sustainable food.

Inform about the production of clothing, taking into account working conditions, child labor, safety, toxins...
Oxfam advocates for fair trade, where producers get a reasonable price for their products, often produced and distributed through cooperatives, instead of using super distributors that determine prices, squeezing farmers and walk away with the profits themselves.

There is interest in the integration of environmental aspects in the design of a packaged product.

Crowdbutching: buy together with 35 others a part of responsibly grown bovine.

Catherine Conway has been operating since 2007 in London the store ‘Unpackaged’. And in Austin, Texas, opened Christian, Joseph and Patrick Lane in 2012 in their store In Gredients. Three friends from Berlin plan in 2014 "Original unverpackt", the first German packaging -free store, where everything is taken from bags or containers and in the desired amount is spooned or tapped.

Energy label indicates how energy efficient, environmentally friendly and / or energy saving the purchased product is. It consists for electrical appliances, vehicles and buildings.