Improve the world, start with... something...

Truly innovative political parties are hard to find, even more difficult to keep. At last they step into an existing system (usually next to mastodons and established groups), and within that restrictive framework they need to (co) operate. Environment and Green have now been so sensitive, valuable and important for each party includes it in its program.

Yet there are meritorious efforts of movements that work for a better world here too.
Green or Ecolo is probably the most consistent and known alternative.

Respect for life and concern for animal welfare are also found back in a political party for animals in the Netherlands.

The G1000 was a Belgian public -scale deliberation among ordinary free citizens in democratic participation, on important political issues (2011). First, over the internet, then in a meeting with 1000 participants, later elaborated in the G32.

PolitiekalternatiefA new thorn in the side of global political games in (+40) countries is the Pirate Party. Active as Internet community with democratic participation opportunities for everyone the key areas for action are: civil rights, direct democracy, reform copyright and patent law, free sharing of knowledge, freedom of information, data security, transparency, free education, universal health care and a clear separation between church and state.

Ubuntu party is the political front of the South African Liberation Movement Ubuntu. The Bantu word represents a traditional African concept of commitment and relationships between people. Everyone puts his talents or skills in the community. Extensive (English) texts on all facets as reading stuff for many nights you can find on

Anarchism stands for the pursuit of a society without power, subordination and violence. Anarchy, however, is by some crackdown by splinter groups from the past associated with chaos.

Humanistic initiatives assume that everyone is responsible for the own actions and shares responsibility for the environment and others. Core values ​​are self-determination, freedom, equality, respect for nature and tolerance. People are together and each self responsible.

Believers can still kill each other. And do that too. A little tolerance would avoid much suffering.
Your own faith has never been saving for everyone.

Traditionally political is made ​​by capital (vigorous). Internet, which many a mickle makes a muckle herein, may possibly also bring some change. There are also here in any case opportunities to engage or support alternatives for a better society.

Philosophize about and dream of a better society may also behind (party) politics:
Vladimir Megre sold millions of books worldwide. He writes about (I guess imaginary) meetings and talks with Anastasia. It inspires people everywhere to live ecologically, self-sufficient and in harmony with nature together in Anastasia- or eco villages.

The purpose of Jacque Fresco 's Venus Project: outwit possession, management and planning of production to be carried out by machines and thus fix the errors of capitalism. Without ownership, there is no exploitation or poverty anymore.

Professor Riccardo Petrella, among others known as driving force of the Lisbon Group, founded the UAB for education, research and community service. The University of Common Good is an experimental and innovative goodwill university. She stands for knowledge and inspiration on opportunities and positive changes, and wants to banish poverty from the world.

If elections would change anything, they were already banned.
Thou shalt not steal, the government does not tolerate competition.
I do not want sex, the government already screws me every day.
Who don’t smoke, drink or ride a car is a tax evader.