greensMany people are concerned about their environment. They realise that we may live in a biotope in which different forms of life together keep each other in balance to make life possible. In addition, we know that we drastically disrupt this balance by major infrastructure, reclamation, large-scale agriculture and livestock, pesticides, pollutioning transport and productions. There are also many attempts to protect what remains of vital nature. Often ecology against economy.
Many natural sites, parks and projects require deployment of employees to maintain plant- and animal species. Opportunities abound for who wants to engage. Or just to go hiking. To collect knowledge. And pass it.

Recycle and sort waste yourself would be second nature.

Useful stuff can go to the thrift store, circuit shop, free shop, charities.
Glass is sorted in containers.

Organic material on the compost heap.
Via container parks paper, cardboard and other stuff is sorted (this is sometimes shipped to Asia or Africa) to be reused as feedstock. (Also in environmental park, recycling center,..)

Fost Plus promotes sorting and recycling.
Today, old landfills are mined again for energy and raw materials.

For some products, there are typical recycling services:
Metals can muster per kilo, you will definitely find a buyer (or collector) nearby.


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Waste oil

Collecting clothes is Bigbusiness for many players. Much is sold as 2nd hand. One part goes to developing countries. The rest is cleaning cloth or felt-like lower mat. Sometimes no more than 5% of the revenue is spent on development.

Waste Artist Toon Eerdekens collects waste from the roadside, and makes art with it. And presents it to the authorities, waste processors, media and public. He is well aware of the dangers of plastics in our environment, and the plastic soup that they form in the oceans. I think it's a wonderful example: a man driven, with impact and many realisations. An inspiring example.

Anne also runs barefoot to collect waste one year long.

There is a great lot of packaging and transportation that would be saved if we just drink tap water instead of bottled water. The quality is often even better and healthier. And it's much cheaper and easier.

With less (things, stuff, money..) can:

Or frugal living:

Or even more economical:

GLOBE is an international organization of legislators founded in 1989 to enhance international cooperation between parliamentarians on global environmental issues.

Greenpeace is concerned with respect for the planet and life since 1971: climate change, nuclear energy, forests and sustainable agriculture, toxins..

Too much light can be a disturbing and polluting factor in our environment.

The FSC label (Forest Stewardship Council) is given to wood from sustainable forestry.

Cradle to cradle (C2C) is a fairly recent principle to design so that all components can be used in new applications after use in upgraded new products

This stands in stark contrast to the current way so as to make everything quickly wear out or break down irretrievably (planned obsolescence).

By polluting and environmentally damaging technologies companies push production costs (called 'externalities') on the community.