Gardening is always and everywhere possible for everyone. In the absence of land there are still window farming, roof gardens, urban gardens, allotments and self harvest gardens to do your thing.
Window Farms are vertical gardens that hang in your window.

TuinBiological, ecological and / or sustainable agriculture uses means and methods with as little environmental impact as possible. So no genetically modified crops, fertilizer (or slurry) or synthetic pesticides. However, organic substances that stimulate the soil (compost, mulch) and crop rotation.
A farm for the future,:

Biodynamic agriculture is based on the ideas of Rudolf Steiner and also takes into account cosmic influences.

Permaculture (Australia ,°’70), designing ecosystems in which (plants) communities are self-sustaining.

On the country everyone had a vegetable garden. City dwellers had to relocate to green edges to grow their vegetables in allotments

The CSA “Landgenoten” (compatriots) buys and shares land for eco-agriculture

In cities on every continent today there are also urban gardens and roof gardens landscaped. Urban Rooftop Farming in Chicago and offices South Park in Amsterdam are examples
In some municipalities, there are initiatives to adopt a garden. Older people who can no longer maintain their garden get regularly younger people visiting who have no garden but like to do this in exchange for (part of) the yield. A cozy and social win-win situation.

Some agro - industrial multinationals (such as Montsanto) currently dominate the market of sprays and (modified) seeds, and lobby in all states to prohibit others (including home-grown) seed legally. Usually you only need few seeds and you can exchange or get them from a seed bank, library or market.,,

Many organic garden and farming initiatives such as the Wroeter not only have a store but also a self harvest crop garden (see < (Without) Money). Some works as CSA, Community Supported Agriculture: agriculture supported by a community. You can as a customer and as an employee give your support.

The surplus harvest from your garden or orchard can be swapped with someone else who has too much of something else by the website: Harvest Hotspot.