Galena (lead sulphide) contains 86.6% lead. Other minerals where lead is extracted from are cerussite and anglesite.
Galena is found in Australia, Bulgaria, China, Morocco, America, Russia and Wales.
Galena (PbS) is a compound of lead and sulfur.
loodLead is common on Earth and since 5,000-4,500 BC. used.
The flexibility makes it suitable to seal cracks with lead flashing or mount glass in lead.
It was used in paint, solder (alloy with tin and sometimes silver, for example, 60% lead, 38% tin and 2% silver), glaze pottery, stylus (pot - lead), ballast (diving weight), bullets, pipes, wall anchoring, pigment, gasoline. Its use is banned in the EU since 1990.
Lead melts at 327⁰C.
In order to win it from galena (or other lead ore), the lead is heated to form lead oxide, in a furnace which is reduced with carbon. The lead in the oven is still contaminated. The other ingredients will be taken with a variety of techniques (for example, by the blowing of air or steam) and removed, untill pure lead is left.

The Romans used many lead (containing) kettles and cups. Skeletal remains testify that they consumed too much toxic lead. Some researchers attribute to this even the fall of the Roman Empire. A result of lead poisoning is the deterioration of the taste buds. Possibly the Romans therefore used much seasoning, flavoring, salt and strong sauces.