The hiccup is the involuntary contraction of the diaphragm during inhalation, followed by the sudden closing of the epiglottis, with a typical sound. According to researchers an evolutionary remnant of our former amphibian breathing.

All tools and tricks in order to get rid of it are based on the interruption of the respiration.

Involve breath, deep breath, sneezing (nose tickle), burp (cola), (make) scare, breathing into a bag, the Valsalva maneuver (with mouth and nose closed trying to breathe)
a while running, relaxing
(many) drinks (through a straw or towel) or swallowing, with the head down drinking small sips, eat ice cream or gargle with ice water, eat a slice of lemon, or distraction by squeezing, very hard thinking,
eat a teaspoon of powdered or granulated sugar would work at 99 percent of the cases.

(Usually I try to relax, and then relax my diaphragm. Succeeds too.)

wartA wart (verruca vulgaris) is a hard, callous fusion of the epidermis as a (small) cauliflower -shaped lump that is caused by viruses ((family human papillomavirus (HPV)).
Unsightly, but harmless. Most disappear spontaneously within two months to 1 year.

You can get rid of them by dipping with a product based on salicylic acid, freezing (liquid nitrogen), burning away, spooned / cutting.
Rub (1 or 2 times a day) with the juice of celandine (Chelidonium majus).
Two months of daily wearing duct tape and weekly scrape the dead skin with a pumice stone seemed to work for 85% of patients. In the "freeze-out" only 60% of the warts appeared to be contested finally.
Superstition also delivers lots of remedies.

A corn (clavus) is an inward growing callus. They are found on the sole and the top of the toes where there is a lot of pressure and / or friction. In the middle of the corn collect dead skin debris which can be seen as a dark spot. It can be very painful, but if they do not bother you, you don’t have to do anything about them.
Corns can also be treated by soaking with salicylic acid in a gel pad. Also softening (bathing, keep moist) and sanding (with pumice) can. If needed it can be cut.

To avoid a new corn, the cause must be removed, for example through appropriate footwear.

My doctor gave me the wrong medicine. Now I'm cured of another disease. (W.van Broeckhoven)