There are many types and forms of headache at various, sometimes difficult to localize places.
A distinction is often made ​​between
tension headaches, or ‘regular headaches" that sometimes are radiating from the neck to the head,
migraine attacks lasting between 4 and 72 hours. The pounding or throbbing pain worsens with movement and appears usually on one side of the head. The visibility is often worse, you may be sick, endure no light or smell anymore, and / or simultaneously have hot and cold.
Cluster headache is described as pounding or throbbing, usually on one side of the head, returning, and is the most painful.

HeadacheAbout causes of headaches is still little known. In addition there can be individual differences.
Recurring causes are stress, alcohol, illness, poison, trauma, eye strain, smoking, infections and certain odors, cold weather. Also, excessive caffeine intake, eating candies or chocolate, drinking red or white wine, changes in hormone balance..
 If you have regular headaches, it is useful to keep a diary in order to find out what is the trigger for you.

Of operation and types of pain, there is actually very little real knowledge.
Painkillers block the conduction of stimuli through the nerves, so the brain register less or no pain. So they do not resolve the cause of the actual problem.

Because pain, causes and triggers are so different, are remedies also. So, try what you are helped with.
Eat, drink and sleep enough. Provide fresh air.
Lavender tea
Chamomile tea and mint tea, lemon.

Insert a pencil or twig between your teeth without biting, your jaw muscles will relax. That takes away tension and reduces headaches.
Sex. The production of endorphins. This doubles the pain threshold. A natural remedy for headaches! (Tonight of coarse darling, I have a headache!)
Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) is a substance that occurs in a number of plants and trees.
Willow bark (Salix, active ingredient is salicin) has long been known for its fever and pain - reducing effect.
Meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria) has a similar and possibly even better effect at the same ailments. In the flowers is salicylic acid.

The son of William Tell had headaches. (Judith Cohen)
Headache: the by women most used contraceptive.

People who are healthy want 1001 things, people who are ill want only one thing.