There are several types of fractures: transverse, oblique, spiral.., open, closed. A fracture sometimes can be heard by the cracking of bone or seen as an abnormal movement or the strange position of the limb in a place where is no joint.

breukspalkA bone is a living material that grows continuously (also without break). The parts grow together again, by forming new bone to make a bridging.
It may be necessary to put the break surfaces back together. For this purpose the pieces of bone may be pulled apart in the longitudinal direction, sometimes by hanging weights for some time.
Then the parts are held in place and stabilized by splints or plaster casts. Splints are above and below the fracture fastened to support the bone without constricting. Check the blood flow beneath the splint.

Splints: external reinforcement and fixation to prevent movement and further injury.

Patient: ‘Doctor, my stomach hurts when I touch it, and my knee and neck also.' ’Right, your finger is broken.’

I broke my finger last week. On the other hand, I'm okay.