Maggots as wound cleansers
Maggot therapy with larvae of the green bottle fly (Lucilia sericata) fell after the breakthrough of penicillin in 1930 in disuse. Today it is used in both the U.S. and the Netherlands again.
Maggots eat away dead tissue, more precise than a surgeon can. Especially near sensitive organs and veins that is an advantage. Also, dirt and bacteria are eaten. The saliva of maggots also contains substances that promote the growth of new, healthy tissue.
And maggots heal wounds by targeted suppressing the human immune system.
So treated wounds remain clean without inflammation, and are healing nicely.

leechesFor over 3,000 years, leech therapy or Hirudo therapy is known. Draining of blood of diseased (phlebotomie) through bloodletting or leeches to the twentieth century was a common medical procedure. The Hirudo medicinalis, a black, small European freshwater worm related to the earthworm was used.
Even today it is used in thrombosis, edema, furuncles, joint pain, bruising and blood flow. Mainly to solve again blood clots in attached body parts and transplanted skin from burns.
The saliva of Hirudo medicinalis contains substances with narcotic, analgesic, vasodilating, blood thinning and thrombus solving properties such as anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting enzyme hirudin, hyaluronidase, chymotrypsin, destabilase, proteinase, collagenase and others.

In highly debilitated patients would occasionally occur infection with the Aero Mona bacterium that can live as symbiote in the gastrointestinal tract of the leech. But the sterile medical cultured specimens are very safe.

The leech is a flatworm (platoda) of 2-5 cm long, that is both male and female (hermaphrodite). He usually stays in water.
He has three jaws, each with thirty teeth that leave a Y - shaped wound behind.
He sucks about five times its own body weight in blood, but he can for months, even more than one year without food. Does the creature once engorges itself, then it drops itself.

Ant jaws stiching wounds
The Siafu ant or army ant (dorylini) belongs to a group (Tribus) of ants found in Africa. They move in long columns of about 30 centimeter wide and to 60 meter long, and devour everything in their path.
The Ma(a)sai use them as an adhesive to hold together gaping wounds and through let ants to chew the wound edges. The powerful jaws remain closed for days even after the abdomen is removed.

Fish removing unhealthy skin
The doctor fish (garra rufa) is used in aqua centers for skin peeling. People with psoriasis, eczema, acne, skin irritation and itching, or burden excessive calluses, corns or warts would benefit from the treatment.

The companionship of pets has according to several studies, a beneficial and healing effect on people. They also provide for relaxation, rest, exercise, distraction. (Even watching fish!)