Cold is the most common infection of the upper respiratory tract (nose and throat) by a virus. Adults get it two to four times a year. Good resistance you build with varied diet, adequate sleep and a regular life.
Children have very little resistance and immunity, which is why they have sometimes many months of the year a runny nose.
Colds usually occur in the cold season, probably because people are more indoor, much closer togheter and less yucky.

cold-fluA cold usually lasts five to seven, a maximum of 14 days. Symptoms may include sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, sore throat, cough, headache, fatigue. You can just continue your daily activities.

A hand shake is enough to transmit the virus. The risk of infection can be reduced by frequent hand washing. Whether you are sick or not, depends on the antibodies you have. There are hundreds of different types of viruses, and above it they change too often.

It has never been proven that a cold can be prevented or cured by medication.
Since it is a virus, antibiotics are totally useless.
Traditional remedies: honey and lemon.
When cough you can use something soothing, expectorant and with a cough depressant effect.
For a stuffy nose you can sniff a saline or drip into your nose. Therefore you mix a teaspoon of salt in a glass of lukewarm water. Steam inhalation can also help.
Strep throat can be bacterial and provide a red, swollen throat and fever. Swallowing is painful, sometimes chewing too. Gargling with salt water helps sometimes. It usually goes away after a day or five. Even without antibiotics.

Doctor my nose is running. Go and catch her.

Influenza (or flu) is caused by one virus family: influenza. It looks like a bad cold but with fever, pain and headache, fatigue.
Influenza comes every year in the form of an epidemic. Then between five and ten percent of the population is affected.
Especially for people over 65 flu can sometimes be deadly (inflammation of the lower respiratory tract, and pneumonia).
The remedy: just give it time, warm resting in bed, drink a lot, eat fruits and vegetables, room (s) yucky.

(Stomach flu is not the flu, but an inflammation of the stomach and intestines, usually by eating
contaminated food.)

On the way people blow their nose, you can see if they have a handkerchief or not.
If your nose is running and your feet smell, you probably stand upside down.
Colds and flu: The doctor-patient relationship is basically unhealthy. (W.A.A. Köpping - Ketelaars)