I have repeatedly heard and read the story that you can remove tapeworm by fasting a few days and then hang with open mouth over a bowl of warm milk (or even coffee,..). The tapeworm, searching for food, comes out by itself. Pull it all the way out, so that not one piece will stay. What would become a new one again. I cannot find confirmation anywhere from a reliable source.

What about the fact with that tapeworm. Anyone have experience with it? Can you baiting? How? With what?

lintworm(Kaigan) Fortunately, I have no experience with tapeworms. Tapeworms you do not lure out, but you will drive. For this you use herbs that contain a lot of thujone, such as tansy or wormwood. Thujone is basically toxic, always use the herbs under the guidance of an expert! Pregnant women should not take this kind of herbs for the aborting operation of thujone. No plant so to a make good cup of tea. Patrick

(ad) Would it what is called be a 'city legend’, just fake? I have often heard the story tell 'for real'. (But never from someone who had done it himself.)

(Kaigan) What have you heard? Still, not that you should keep a steak for your anus or mouth he? The tapeworm lives of the slurry in your intestines that could not even do anything with a raw steak. For me, this should go straight to the realm of fiction. Patrick

(ad) No steak. Well you have to fast for a few days first, in order to make the tapeworm hungry. And agape (HMMM) over a bowl of warm milk (others say coffee...).
There he comes to it, and then pull it gently (because they are long and articulated) completely out. Never heard of it?

But I would like, so to hear from someone who has done it themselves. If that works,
Whether it's fake...

(Kaigan) I did not know this "method” but I do not take it seriously. The tapeworm has a sense of smell? The smell of milk and coffee can never reach the intestine through the mouth, through a leak tight rectum, it is also excluded.

But I have an open mind, so I 'm wondering if anyone answers. Patrick

(ven.benzin) our grandma always said with onion soup and then cut off the head but I’'ve never seen it! just might be funny!