To reach more interested people easier, and exchange facts, videos, experiences and information (without creating a forum) we have made a facebook group.

FBgroupPerhaps a "group" can bring more interesting ideas and tips in addition to this website, ranging from studies, pictures and events to historical facts, funny proposals and pleasant chats.

It saves me the set-up of a forum (with bad experiences because of too much spam, and my lack of time and ability to manage it). Perhaps this group may be a kind of replacement. I know that many interested people do not like fb, but they still can send a mail via the website.

The intention is that in this group knowledge, practical experiences and tips can be exchanged. Even with questions you can contact us here. But first look with the search function on the website, possibly the theme is already somewhere on one or more of the hundreds of pages sufficiently explained.

Here you can go to Facebook group Surv-live'l, sustainable, self-sufficiency : )