Where is the information in this book and on the site coming from?

overleveringinfoMost of the described knowledge is first-hand, from my own experience.
Which grew by the many hobbies and interests that I have or had, of crafts and hikes in the youth movement, to forge and scuba diving, with all the according know-how to be as self sufficient as possible.

Besides courses in education centers, and working with experienced craftsmen, I learned most of my skills from my parents.
And therefore I would like to dedicate this site grateful to my father and my mother.
They both were young during World War II. They had to learn how to survive. To pick up coal along the railway. To be grateful for a little piece of bacon, even if it wasn’t more than pork rind with fat. They learned that they had to work hard to make sure that there was something to eat again next winter.
The scarcity teached them to be economical and prudent, to work every day to stay alive, and to respect people, animals and environment. Because they gave the opportunity to survive.
 When I was young everyone had a garden, and fruit, and every year there was a pig slaughtered, processed and salted.

My mother can fix everything, even make beautiful clothes, perfectly appropriate from discarded clothes and without pattern. Knitting, darning, stitching, patching, crocheting, sewing. Tasty cooking. Make cheese. Canning meat, vegetables and fruit, baking, washing,... For 10 persons. (Literally.)
My father did everything: welding, gardening, slaughtering, bricklaying, make wine. In his’workhouse’I could en did experiments with everything: woodcarving, plumbing (literally), soldering, grinding, machinery repair, etc.

What I really learned from both: working.
Undertake everything. At least try and taste.’I cannot’does not exist. Thank you (dear parents)!

Later I drew this line further by building myself (for youth organizations, job and private) and remodeling, grow my own vegetables and cattle, make sauerkraut and wine...

I cannot make websites. But with a lot of searching, reading and trying, and technical assistance from Hans, I have created a site about my dance hobby. Its success has motivated me to create this site also. Both first in Dutch. Now also alailable in English.
I think it would be a shame if all this knowledge would be lost.
I think the knowhow may well come in very handy. Again. Once.
I hope I once can help you. And a lot of others.

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