An attempt to look into the future gives me a sense of powerlessness and lack of confidence on the basis of the current state of affairs.

Do you also ask yourself sometimes where all this will bring us?
Do you too think sometimes: this cannot go on?

Politics often seem an undemocratic, corrupt and fraudulent huddle of enlightened despots who serve their own interests and are far from their sheep electors
Dictatorships and civil violence disrupt complete countries and regions. The law of the best armed and richest rules
Fundamentalism threatens humanism

Social security became unaffordable and antisocial
More and more becomes intangible and impersonal: information, communication, money, knowledge, memories...
Someone with 300 internet friends sat 7 weeks behind his computer. Death.
People living too close together become anonymous, escape the social control of other screen viewers and even kill others. Sometimes in the most gruesome way.

veranderenJobs are becoming strange, apart from real life, stressful and segmented, but highly prized to enlarge
status and image

Shareholders earn more, employees less
Terrorism threatens happenings
Crime rewards and reigns
Criminals are patronized and taken care of, while we let our elderly lonely and starving

Communication became a technical bombardment
World news consists of sports, celebrities, (half) naked breasts and sport again. Culture, politics and science you have to seek for
We have so much information available, that we know nothing
Sex became commerce and frustration
Intrusive displays determine how to (try) to live
Psychosocial manipulation by big brands determines how we (should) feel (by consuming)
Everywhere around I see the dictatorship of the lawn. Pushed by the commercialism of motorized lawn mowers, fertilizers, pest substances, trimmers, edgers, sprayers, hoses, pistons, each leaf of a lawn has to look more trimmed than Hitler’s mustache
‘I find it fascinating that people who make fortune by playing someone that they are not enjoy the most credibility in our society.’(Paul Watson (60), founder of Sea Shepherd also said :.. Previously I believed in reincarnation, but that was in my previous life.)
The severity and extent to which celebrities, sports, singing and dancing competitions are commented and deepened contrast sharply with the pale messages or even lack thereof when it comes to politics, science, economics, sociology, environment.

Economy seems to fail and to produce wrong bubbles for the benefit of rich and to the detriment of the less favored segments of society
Banks and countries are on the verge of bankruptcy, but continue frantically to keep up appearances
Athletes get outrageous money for their game
Increasing flows of migrants are kicking cultures, solidarity and values ​​upside down
(Hidden) discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, color... uses to give us a (false) sense of security

We can’t control major medical problems (cancer, AIDS, epidemics), it seems there are coming worse and more and more new ones while existing diseases (diabetes...) expand
New sick makers and resistant organisms easily outwit every hosophobia
A quarter of the populations eats themselves to death. A quarter dies of starvation
We are living longer, but are weaker
We are more, but become more infertile
We are at the top of the food pyramid, so we end up accumulating our own mess
We fight bacteria, sterilize viruses, but have no natural resistance anymore
Preventive we pump up cattle with antibiotics, that’s how we inflict ourselves with resistant bacteria that our medical science cannot eliminate. But the meat raised a lot of money

Commodities are as scarce as predicted by the Club of Rome (Limits to Growth) as early as 1960 (wir haben es nicht gewüst).
We have everything, but deplete all sources
Reparations are more expensive than buying new stuff
Drinkable water becomes scarce and costly
Food production is concentrated in a smaller number of capital funds and interest groups. Not the food or the environment prevails, but profit
Healthy food does not exist anymore. Nor responsible food

The environment is fatal polluted and poisoned (oceans like garbage full of waste, pesticides, radiation...). Breathing is life threatening
The climate is unpredictable (Global warming versus (mini) ice age)
‘Increasing numbers of natural disasters are actually environmental disasters, because they are caused by human intervention in its natural environment’(A.M.A.J. Driessen)
People are working to clean up and remove the mess of trees (leaves) in the autumn. In spring they are queuing up in garden centers to buy expensive transported and packed potting soil. (Made of those leaves.)

Animals we only tolerate behind bars
Or we make them look like babies, with jackets, perfumes, strollers,...
In boxes and stretch sold food seems to have been produced in companies, there is no longer any link between life (animals) and food (meat, cheese...)
We murder millions of sharks for their fin, seals for their fur, whales for ’scientific research', pilot whales euuhh..for sports, or tradition or so

Distribution is dealing and spilling package, waste and fuel
Transport is stuck in smelly and slow traffic jams
The car as and individual status symbol demands more and more (traffic) victims

Technology takes over all our skills and handyness
Steel and hydraulics are bulldozing manpower to uncontrollable deadly exponents
Electronics makes us dependent and vulnerable

Everything seems to evolve into extreme duality: more extremely rich and more extremely poor, technology enthusiasts and laymen, over integration to phobia. Which makes most are moving between hope and hopeles.
Each line is worth a day of philosophizing

Believe it or not, I actually am an optimist...

An ecologist is someone who writes a book of 1.000 pages in which he wonders where all the trees are gone. (Joel Rothman)