Sometimes I have a silly questions I cannot find an answer on. This is one of those.
How do rabbits dig a tunnel?
I 've seen them in action, so I know how they do it. The first part.
rabbitdiggingBut how is that if they are a meter deeper and farther? Here in the meadow is a tunnel of at least 7 meters. I can really imagine how they (could) do it. But I do not know for sure. I also don’t find it anywhere. Google does not, You Tube does not... Nor in Dutch or French... So I emailed at clubs, services, institutions and agencies...
But apparently nobody knows.

The tube is quite small, and the rabbit is in it. So it's quite dark.
And it's not that rabbits can see very well because they eat a lot of carrots. This is a story that the Royal Air Force in World War II scattered around, to explain why their carrots eating gunmen could even detect airplanes in the night and bring them down. So the RAF camouflaged that they had radar.

That dig is thus a murky affair.
And then they have the ground still to work out. Without being closed in. And I 've never seen a rabbit with a wheelbarrow or bucket.
Would they really work out sparsely small bits of land between their hind legs further and further back?

Who knows may make themselves heard. With thanks in advance.