Spijker2Wood shingles are hardwood cover boards. They can be sawn or split. Saw logs without knots. The split is done in straight parallel slices or radiating into triangular wedges. In the latter case, can be made a groove in the broad side in witch the point of the previous spline is laid. The wood grain runs from top to bottom. This will make the water run over the wood rather than penetrate into the pores.

Only the hard core wood is used. The less durable and softer outer ring is split off.

The cover is done by placing the shales as tiles or slates and tying or nailing them. As with reeds the slope must be steep enough to drain water quickly and to dry the wood sufficiently. If it stays wet long it rots faster. It can be preserved with tar.

A chalk line is a thin rope that gives a straight line. The rope is put into a pot with soot, charcoal or dye. She is stretched between two points or held and then ripped in the middle and released. By the impact the dye splash of the rope and draws a delineated line.