The English thought that it came from Turkey (turkey). But it came from the Indians of South America. A turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) has a bare red head with wattles on either side of his beak, and a typical cluck - cluck sound. For years I haven’t been growing them my selves any longer. If they were not fed during their first weeks with factory flour with many antibiotics, they stayed barely alive. If it rains you have to go out chasing them in, they allow themselves to simply get soaked in the rain. The only advantage is that they eat everything, including nettles. And they are tasty and produce lots of meat.

Coccidiosis is caused by Eimeria in the intestinal cells of the host. This manifests itself in diarrhea. So pay attention to the stool of the poults. There are healing products on the market. There are quite a few American texts that state that elderberries (and blossoms) reduce or even fight coccidiosis (including in chickens). (Often also in addition to garlic, dandelion, nettle etc.)

The 'black head (disease)“ is caused by “Histomonas meleagris ". This organism survives in an intermediate host, the roundworm “Heterakis gallinarium ", which occurs in earthworms and insects. The eggs are extremely resistant. Blackhead also occurs in chickens and other fowl (rather harmless), but affects mostly (young) turkey with up to 100% mortality. Permitted remedies are no longer available. Colored varieties are more resistant than white. A contaminated land remains contaminated (the worms are).

parelhoenGuinea fowl (Numididae) belongs to the family of the pheasant species, is originally from Africa and looks somewhat like the turkey. She has a bald head with wattles, instead of a comb a triangular red or yellowish helmet. The wattle is reddish, short and drooping tail and the slate gray legs have no spurs.
The plumage has white dots as pearls. They are bred for their meat that has a slight gamey flavor.
With their trumpet-like shrill screams they can make much noise. That is often enough reason to not keep them anyway.

"We have been married for ten years Saturday. Will I slaughter the turkey?“ "Don’t blames that beast for it! “(Max Tailler)

What goes wrong? My turkey farming fails.

Am I either watering them too much or planting them too deep?