Ducks are independent production units that transform snails to (roast) Duck à l'Orange. (The orange you’ll have to add afterwards.) Sure the best snail catchers. And they do not scratch like chickens and destroy your vegetation. Khaki Campbell is a khaki -colored snails devouring egg laying duck which can explain 350 eggs per year. This specifically Indian origin walking duck is typical bottle-shaped, a subspecies of the Mallard or Wild Duck (eenden2Anas platyrhynchos). (After 1950 the duck egg came through paratyphoid salmonella in heavily discredit and disappeared in most fowl farms.)

Give geese and ducks enough clean water. Put it in a bucket that is so high that they can drink but cannot step in. They make quite a mess of it.
The male is called a drake, is multi-colored and has a (not always visible) curl in the tail feathers.

Duck with turnips, “Canard aux navets' is a famous French dish that already was served at the Romans. The duck could be replaced by crane.

'Duck: bird that walks like he has ridden all day. “(Hans Ferree)
“How do you catch ducks?” “I throw a hunting dog in the air.' "Why do you catch so less?“ "I cannot throw him high enough! “(JW Besouw)


zwanenPeople with a pond keep swans (Cygnus) as decoration. In England, and in Eastern Europe, it is considered an absolute delicacy.

Spread all over the world are only seven species of swan, the mute swan, black swan, black necked swan, Royal swans, trumpeter swan, Coscoroba swan and the Tundra swan. The mute swan has a length of 45-160 cm and a wingspan of 208-238 cm.

Swans Drift was a way of keeping mute swans that was admitted in the Netherlands until April 1, 2008, with an extension until April 1, 2013.
Swans Drifting was a medieval appeal. The drift was called both a set of swans, and the (defined and valued) right to keep them.

With the permission of the land user are in the spring by the “swans drifter' mute swans (one pair per territory) in the field or on municipal land (and natural) plotted and ' harvested’ in the autumn again, with their descendants.
Because the swan drifter don’t want to lose his animals they are pinioned and is a mark tattooed on the beak.
The swans supply down, meat and live animals for trade.

Swans sing before they die. Some people you hope on the reverse. (Hugo Tresinie)
“Waiter, you have wild duck?”"No, but we can take a tame and quite bully her."

Buy a duck of about 5 kg for 6 people, two large bottles of Scotch whiskey, bacon and a bottle of olive oil.
Lard the duck and rub the inside with salt and pepper, preheat the oven to 180 degrees and fill a highball glass half full of whiskey.
The whiskey you drink while preheating the oven.
Then the duck on a heatproof bolw and pour a second glass of whiksey.
Now the second glass also dlink and put the duck in the oven.
After 20 minutes, turn the oven to 200 degrees and fill two glasse with whisky.
Trink the gloss and pick up shards of first glass.
Pour anothers half glazz and drink.
After half a nhour, open the furnaz to check the duck.
Goget Burns Ointment in the batrhoom and put it on the top of the levt hande.
Now give th oven a kick .
Poor two glazze of whiskuy and drink the middlest . empty.
Open the furnas as first glass is empty, and take the dishz.
Burnz ointement on the inzite of the rigth hend and grab op the duck.
Grabs da duck again one smore en withf a towel wipe the bornointmont of dukky .
Hands degleas wiv Vísky and grab tube witv oindmemd again.
Ssweep broke glezz and doduck beck inoven .
Pickup da duck and open ovem fist .
Thy ssecont boddle Vísky ope an uplight pozizion .
Getup flom floor and sit awhil.
But dwon te boddle on grouwnd .
Dlink flom boddle cauze glazsz or brokn.
Furnazz out, cloze yer eyez an fall over.

Late the next morning taste the duck with lemon and mayonnaise.
Throughout the afternoon and early evening remove the mess of the walls and ceiling and clean up the kitchen.
Bring the broken glass and bottles to the bottle bank and buy ibuprofen and tylenol and bicarbonate of soda on the way.