A sheep needs approximately 1,250 m2 grassland.
A sheep can be 15 to 20 years. Sheep are biting grass short. The sheep's stomach is used in dishes such as tripe and haggis. From sheep gut condoms and strings for violins were made. The wool is used to spin and to make felt.

RuifschapenThe Soay sheep is a small (61 cm), shy, brown animal that would still stand closest to the wild earliest ancestor. Soay means wool in dialect. It is likely a cross between the wild Urial sheep of Central Asia and the Mediterranean mouflon of Europe. It may be a Celtic race, that during their crossings on the island of St Kilda is released by the Old Belgians. (Not to be confused with St Kilda sheep.)
The variety has resistance to common diseases of sheep, is resistant to harsh weather and satisfied with simple food like grasses, nettles, bushes.
They need not to be shaved, the wool drops natural and annual. The 1.5 to 2 kg of wool is of poor quality, with a relatively short fiber length.

The mating season is short, from November to January. Lambing goes smoothly. Twins are common.
Mature ewes weigh about 25 kg, rams about 35 kg. They have a short tail and white stripes above the eyes, and a white underside. Rams have very curved, large and thick horns. Ewes have pointed, rearward horns, but can also be hornless.

Through their moult, they are now often used for the grazing of nature area.
The West Asian mouflon (Ovis orientalis) is seen as a wild ancestor of our domesticated sheep.

Condom: airtight alibi. (Juul Kinnaer)
Condoms are not completely safe. My friend wore one and got hit by a bus. (Bob Rubin)
In kindergarten: "Yesterday I found a condom on the balustrade.” Other kid: "What is a balustrade?"