The Bezoar (Capra aegagrus) is seen as an ancestor of the domesticated goat.

geitGoats are also omnivores. They even eat paper. So take care about what they can reach. A good fence is required. They like to break out. And then eat your vegetable garden bare. Or that of your neighbors. They gnaw the bark of (mostly young) trees.

A lamb suckles for about 3 months. A milk goat is milked 10 months. Two months before she freshens (the next birth) she dries up (is no longer giving milk). To do so you slowly decrease milking.

They give up to 3-4 liters of good milk per day. You must already start making cheese to handle all daily milk. Delicious ice cream, vanilla,... Feed them during milking something extra (pea straw, corn). Something for something.
The buck can give off a strong odor.

Difference between sheep and goats
In the order of even-toed ungulates (Artiodactyla) family Bovid (Bovidae) has different groups amongst which Caprini, including goats, sheep, Tahr, moons sheep, blue sheep.

Sheep and goats are by man domesticated herd animals with hollow horns, which are larger in the male.

Sheep (Ovis aries) differ from its close relative, the goat (Capra hircus)
• goats have a goatee (chin hair), sheep have not
• goats have strong scent glands, sheep have not
• an adult male goat (buck) has straight or slightly curved horns, a ram in sheep has horns that behind curl down the ears
• goat 's tail can stand upright
• goats here have mostly hear instead of wool. An angora goat has a lot of wool and looks like a sheep. And Cameroon Sheep look just like a goat. So the coat is inconclusive.
• goats seem to me less anxious, and more curious. They climb better, jump and break out
• goats nibble shrubs rather than grass
• goats are built lighter, and have longer legs

A goat eats an old roll of film. Asks the goat: “So, how 's the movie?”“Boh, I really liked the book better! "
“Bought a buck? And you do not have a stable! “"He should be in the bedroom.”"And the smell?”"He 'll get used to it."

"I lost a goat." "Oh help! Do you post an ad?"

"No. She cannot read!"