katenmuisFelis catus becomes on average 14 to 16 years. Females are two to three times a year in heat, but this is quite variable. A litter of kittens may be of different tomcats.
Cats usually do not like water, but can swim well. They stalk and pounce on their prey. They can withdraw their nails. They are good climbers.

Cats have good eyesight and can see well in the twilight. Their ability to distinguish colors is weak. The field of view of a cat is 285°. Cats look at a short distance out of focus but then use their extremely sensitive whiskers.
(The house mouse can detect movements of the air with her whiskers. Even if a seal is blind, he can detect food using his whiskers, and detect whether a prey is worth pursuing it (large enough).)
Cats can perceive frequencies up to 40 kHz or higher. A cat's nose contains about 20 million scent cells, four times as much as in a human.

A cat keeping the mice out of our winter stock has certainly earned its cost and lodging.

“A cat comes when you call her. Unless she has something better to do. “ (Bill Adler)
"The cat never goes outside the first time you open the door.”(Owen Elliott)
“Cats regard people as useful animals and allow them to feed them, and, if it fits, to amuse them. “(George Mikes)