Peacocks are social, shy but intelligent and inquisitive pheasant-like (Phasianidae) ornamental birds. Most common is the blue peacock (Pavo cristatus, Indian). The green peacock (Pavo muticus, from Malaysia, Indochina and Java.) is not 'hardy'. There are also crosses. Another one is the African Afropavo peacock genus with one species, the Congo peacock (Afropavo congensis).

pauwThe cock can scream very loud. He measures 180-230 cm. With a train part of 140 to 160 cm. The train consists of 150 colored feathers. The tail below the trail has 20 discrete springs of 50 cm. He uses his feathers with peacock's eye to deter other males and seduce ladies. Women use them to decorate hats, as well as ‘dry bouquet ', fan, helmet decorations .. This tail cocks get after the third year, it will grow up to the 6th year longer. During the moult (July-August), he loses his plumes, which by February regenerate.

Both the males and the females have a crest on their head. A male has two to five females. The much less striking peahen measures 90-100 cm. She lays four to eight creamy white eggs (March-April) in a dimple that she incubates for 28 days.

To keep peacocks, you need lots of space and tolerant neighbors. They fly well and sleep high in trees or on the ridge. When you buy some you better can pinioing them and learn to know their territory. When storm approaches they seek shelter. They can live in captivity for 20 to 30 years.

They eat seeds, weeds, fruit and vegetables, insects and worms, mice or sometimes a little snake.

Darwin wondered though how it was that such a relatively slow, noisy and conspicuous (prey) animal could continue to survive until now.

Roast peacock was in the Middle Ages a ceremonial dish and a culinary status symbol (like swan). He was then served,  draped again with his impressive plumage. The meat would be rather dry and not great tasty.

Culinary story "As a cook in France' by Bart van Loo
If the beast is well-done roast, the chefs pull on his pomp mantel again, gild his beak and legs, and craft his tail feathers into a fan again. As icing on the cake crammed a cook the perky bird an in a brandy-soaked rag in the mouth, and puts it into fire. Under the guidance of honking horns, the fire-breathing peacock was finally triumphantly carried into the dining room.