Sulfuric acid (H2SO4 dihydrogen) is a strong acid used in the purification of ores, as drain cleaner and as an electrolyte in lead-acid batteries for cars.
Water at acid is playing with fire!! Conversely (carefully) is manageable. Always wear protective clothing (goggles and gloves) when you work with it. There often arises a mist of tiny sulfuric acid droplets that is eating away dress and skin by escaping water of it and to oxidize them.
SulphuricacidFor making sulfuric acid (1 possiblity), one first burned elemental sulfur crystals:
 S + O2 → SO2. If we let this sulfur dioxide immediately react with water it creates sulfurous acid: SO2 + H2O →
H2SO3 that changes when exposed to singlet oxygen in sulfuric acid: H2SO3 + 2 O2 → 2 H2SO4.

This is the theory.

Practice: If you do not have training and experience, but common sense: stay away from this dangerous mess. It's not a house, garden and kitchen recipe.