Paint is made up of resin dissolved in a plasticizer as white spirit. Modern synthetic paints are usually water-based. There are also paints based on natural raw materials.
shellacThe preparation of lacquer (lacquer cooking) is more complicated than paint preparation. It is turpentine and linseed oil to use. The cooking stinks, and many recipes were professional secrets.

Shellac is a type of wax used as wax seals, a sealant in the woodworking and food industries, in making waterproof inks and as an insulation layer for copper wire of transformers and inductors.

Shellac is sometimes wrongly called lice poo. The raw material, originally from India, is extracted based on the protective shield that a tree louse (Laccifera laccase) makes to protect themselves and their eggs. It is scraped ​​of branches and leaves, dissolved in alcohol and then filtered, and then mixed with e.g. linseed oil. Thereafter, cooked in order to obtain the proper viscosity.