Paint is a liquid to protect or decorate things by providing them a pigmented layer.
Previously, everyone made himself his own paint by simple means such as potato flour (binder), water (solvent and diluent) and chalk (fill and dye). Nowadays, paint is still dye bonded with a binder to a surface. But now many binders and additives usually are synthetic.
makingpaintPaint consists of three parts. A fixed part of dye (pigment, color) and
two liquid parts: the binder (resin, linseed oil) that solidifies upon drying;
and a medium or thinner (turpentine or water) that evaporates. The diluent is used to make the paint smoother and spreadable.
Optionally can be added as a filler chalk, zinc white or talcum powder.
White lead is toxic and is now replaced by titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

As binder low fat cottage cheese can be used. Attach possibly borax (mineral salt used in soldering metal to flow better) for a better bond.

The Latin word for mixing is temperare.
Mix one egg yolk (without skin), some water and coloring. Egg spoils quickly, so use it right away.
Watercolour: water -based adhesive and pigment.